Intergenerational Small Groups Mobilize Families

In an intergenerational setting, people of all ages can get the support and mentoring that they need.

As I travel I see family restaurants that invite and encourage families to eat together, I see facilities that promote family entertainment, and I even see church buildings whose notice boards may read something like: "Family Church," "This church welcomes families," or "A family-friendly gathering of God's people." Inside these church buildings, however, the structures and programs sometimes do very little to include, facilitate, and encourage families experientially to develop a lifestyle of relational worship, growth, and outreach together. It is time for the Body of Jesus to embrace, empower, and equip families. It is the most natural thing in Scripture to see households worshipping Jesus together as part of a community of believers.

Where extended families are broken through distance or relational estrangement, the intergenerational Christian community can offer the missing extended family support. For example, the Bible speaks about the older women pouring themselves into the lives of younger women (Titus 2:4). Today there are so many struggling younger women with families. They need the support of those whose children have grown up, who have experience and wisdom, and who will be there for them and their children. Intergenerational small groups where older and younger women interact, offers that kind of support through the relationships that are built there.

In a similar way, older men will be there for the younger, and older married couples for the younger married couples. Children have spiritual aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparent figures. An intergenerational community where individuals learn, through modeling and relational interaction, in an environment of unconditional love and support is called family! ...

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