The Workplace Small Group Movement

A Conversation with Stephen R. Graves

Steve Graves along with Tom Addington co-founded Cornerstone Group, Wellspring Partners and The Life@Work Co. These organizations are committed to providing leadership to people integrating faith and work by exploring ideas, connecting people, and using biblical principles to help organizations grow through biblical wisdom and marketplace excellence. Part of Steve's mission is to continue to do best-in-class business consulting, broad writing, and speaking. Steve and Tom have authored many books including most recently "Behind the Bottom Line" and "Clout" both published by Jossey Bass. Steve recently spoke to director Dan Lentz about developing small Christian communities in the workplace. From your experience or research, how widespread are the occurrence of intentional Christian small groups that meet in the context of the workplace?

Steve: We have seen great interest and participation in workplace small groups. In fact, there is a hockey stick curve reflecting the need for information about creating Christian community in the workplace. Today, people in the workplace are personally engaged in realizing their most basic needs: information, inspiration, and community. These three elements are core to what everyone needs and searches for. More and more I see people being open to faith-based solutions to these needs. I see it everywhere. So much so, that I am willing to label the integration of faith-based community in the marketplace a serious God-movement that is going on right now. I believe there are five signs of a spiritual movement. One of the signs is that spiritual entrepreneurship begins to run rampant. There are so many "pop-corn" initiatives of spiritual entrepreneurship happening ...

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