Mentor Your Coaches

Focus on relationship, growth, and development with your coaches.

Leadership coaches face burn out and fatigue just as any uncared-for small group leader does.

As a pastor or staff member, one of your jobs is to focus on the needs of your leadership coaches and supervisors to ensure that they want to stick around and help you turn spiritual seekers into multiplying "shepherds." Often just a little extra effort will pay off big. Let's take a look at three main areas:

1. "Who Are You?"

This focuses on relationship and friendship. To develop a deeper relationship with your coaches:

a. Pray with them. Ask what you can pray for on their behalf.
b. Take a genuine interest in their family.
c. Write them notes of encouragement often.
d. Call them or send them cards on their birthdays or anniversaries.
e. Make sure you know their life story.
f. Make a point to have fun together.
2. "How Are You?"

This focuses on transparency and accountability. To help your coaches in their personal growth:

a. Share what God is teaching you-take them to Scripture.
b. Share personal struggles and victories.
c. Share the value of a assessing a group's "health" from your personal perspective.
d. Assess the health of the coach's groups together and then work up a "health plan."
e. Challenge and encourage your coaches to take their next spiritual steps.
3. "Where Can I Help You?"

The following focus on developing and equipping your coaches:

a. Go through a book together.
b. Do a lunch-hour solitude experience.
c. Do a prayer-walk together.
d. Pray and fast together.

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