Small-Group Discipleship Strategies

Small-Group Discipleship Strategies

Holistic discipleship in small groups is possible.

When we start our small groups, we set out with high hopes. We want to see people grow, lives change, and deep relationships form. Without intentionality, though, these things simply don't happen. If we want to see our group members grow, we have to incorporate holistic discipleship strategies into our group meetings. From prayer to Bible reading and from mission to work, discipleship is about our whole lives moving closer to God. This is the sacred work of discipleship—and it's often a lot different from what many of us experience in groups.

Since the beginning of the church, though, God has been using small groups to form his people. The Bible is clear: discipleship happens in community. This training tool will help you understand the importance of discipleship within the context of community and also provide practical tips for incorporating discipleship strategies into your group.

For a sample from this training tool, read "3 Essentials for Disciple-Making Group Discussions."

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The Need for Real Discipleship
Follow Jesus' example to see real life transformation in your group.
Michael C. Mack

What Is Discipleship?

Successful Discipleship in Small Groups
Proven ways to develop mature disciples
Interview with Ed Stetzer and Eric Geiger

Discipleship: The Purpose of Small Groups
Focus on the why of groups, and the rest will fall into place.
Joel Comiskey

Discipleship According to Jesus
3 aspects of holistic discipleship
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Holistic Discipleship in Groups

3 Essentials for Disciple-Making Group Discussions
Expert tips for leading your group members to spiritual growth
Pat J. Sikora

Do Your Group Members Read the Bible?
Probably not. But you can help.
Amy Jackson

More Questions, Less Answers
Jesus changed my perspective on my role as a small-group leader.
Heather Zempel

Prayer: A Key Discipleship Strategy
Move your prayers to focus on growth and fruitfulness.
Andrew Wheeler

Make Mission Part of Your Small Group
Don't miss this key part of discipleship.
Alan Danielson

Faith, Work, and Discipleship
Discipleship must include a discussion of how faith and work collide.
The editors of Christianity Today

Discipleship with Your Head, Heart, and Hands
3 elements that will ensure all group members are engaged
Andrew Wheeler


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