Healthy Members, Healthy Group

A simple assessment tool for gauging how healthy group members are.

If you want to have a healthy small group, it goes without saying that its members need to be healthy. So a good way to move yourself and your group toward well-being is by assessing each individual's level of health. Once this is established, you can help one another set goals for growth and can encourage one another in the problem areas.

The following questions are geared toward helping you and your each member of a group go through this process. Each member should answer individually. Then the results can be discussed with the group.

1) How are you connecting with God's family?

  1. What is the frequency of your interactions with other members in your group?
  2. How vulnerable are you in regards to sharing your real needs?
  3. What are some steps you can take to deepen these relationships?

2) How are you growing to be like Christ?

  1. When do you spend time studying the Bible and in prayer?
  2. Who do you talk to about what God is teaching you or ask questions about spiritual growth?
  3. What are a couple of things you can do to increase consistency in this area?

3) Where are you serving?

  1. What steps are you taking to figure out and develop your spiritual gifts?
  2. How often do you pray for God to show you opportunities to serve others?
  3. How can you serve within your small group?

4) How are you sharing your faith with others?

  1. What opportunities do you have to develop relationships with non-Christians?
  2. How often do you invite unchurched or unconnected friends to church or small group?
  3. How can you involve yourself with overseas missions?

5) How can you surrender your life for God's pleasure?

  1. What areas of life do you struggle with surrendering to God (health, decisions, finances, relationships, future, etc.)?
  2. Which one of these areas do you want to focus on as you work toward surrender? What steps will you take?
  3. What are some ways you can grow in worshiping God both corporately and privately?

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