Emails from the Apostle Paul

An innovative way to spur your congregation towards evangelism

This year I had the opportunity to attend and lead some workshops at two training events sponsored by Easum, Bandy, and Associates. One of the more powerful vision casting tools that I watched in one of the main sessions was a training talk in the form of dramatic email dialog that occurred between two individuals. The emails were read and visuals (emoticons) were put up on the screen at appropriate times to help enhance emotion in the message. While this may sound like an unusual way to communicate in a live seminar format, it was very compelling. So much so that I did a teaching for our church based on the concept centered around casting the vision for small group community. Rather than describing how to use this type of communication tool, I'll just share the example that I did and perhaps you could adapt it to a training need you might have.

"You have mail … "

What you are about to hear is a hypothetical series of email conversations between a sincere but spiritually challenged first-century Colosse resident and the Apostle Paul. The Colosse resident is someone who has taken some first steps toward Jesus, but whose eternal relationship with Jesus is unsure, not unlike those who might have found their way into your 21st-century small group. The Apostle Paul is someone who had not been to Colosse, but knew how Jesus was wanting to move towards those who were seeking Him—those who needed to move from spiritual interest to a love relationship with Jesus.

And so, Paul wrote the book of Colossians. Much of the email dialog from the Apostle Paul comes from Col. 1:25-2:5.

During the dialog, you are going to hear the email conversation as well as the private prayers offered by both the Apostle Paul and the Colosse ...

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