Four Secrets of Great Team-Based Leadership

When the lead team is committed to the cause, has great community, and believes they will change the world—amazing things can happen.

There are some things you would never say out loud; even though you know they are true. The reason you don't say them out loud is (despite the fact they are true) they just don't sound right. If you uttered these secrets people will probably misunderstand you. In addition to the risk of being misunderstood, you start to think that perhaps they aren't right. So we keep our mouth shut and they remain secrets.

Fourteen years ago a childhood friend, a college roommate, a brother, a friend-of-a-friend, and I made up the team who pioneered the adventure called Community Christian Church. We started as a team partly because of a shared dream and partly because it sounded like a lot more fun doing it together than doing it on our own. And from the beginning when it was just the five of us until today where there are more than 3000 of us at three campuses, Community Christian Church has always been led by teams. The leadership team I'm a part of today: Jon Ferguson, Troy McMahon, Eric Bramlett, and myself is the finest team I've ever been a part of. During that fourteen years, there have been some things about these teams that I knew were true (I have a hunch we all knew they were true), but we never said them out loud. We might be misunderstood. We might be wrong. So we kept these as secrets.

Now, however, I've either gained enough confidence that they are true, or I'm willing to risk being misunderstood, so I've decided to tell all! Here are four secrets of great team based leadership:

The Secret About The Cause—"We are committed to the cause first and each other second."

Great leadership teams are always clear about the cause. There is no great team that is not clear about the cause. There is no good team that is not clear about ...

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