Leadership Team Building

In order to have an effective leadership team, you must maintain unity within the group.

Xenos Christian Fellowship's home churches (small groups) are each led by teams of leaders instead of a single leader. Team leadership has a number of advantages, but can cause problems as well. A successful home church (group) must maintain the unity of its leaders. Disunited leaderships are nearly always incapable of leading home church growth. The strength of relationships among leaders directly affects the quality of home church meetings. Strong home churches nearly always have leaders who are skilled encouragers and visionaries and possess the maturity to work as a team. For all these reasons, it is essential that home church leaders learn to deal with their conflicts maturely and quickly.

When working with fellow leaders, the following considerations are helpful:

1. Encouraging fellow leaders

  1. Can you name personal characteristics you admire in each of your fellow leaders? If not, you need to spend time with God pleading for a more realistic and fair assessment of your colleagues.

  2. Can you name other leaders' accomplishments you appreciate? Again, pray for your eyes to be opened, and for the humility to admit others' value to the ministry.

  3. Have you articulated any of these points to your fellow leaders in person during the past couple of months? If not, they will find criticisms and advice hard to accept from you if you are weak in encouragement.

  4. Pray for vision for each of your fellow leaders. Ask God to show you the importance of their unique contribution. Then look for an opportunity to express your vision to each in a non-showy and realistic fashion.

  5. Pray together for each other. Make your prayer times opportunities to review what God has bestowed on the church through each of your leaders, not just a time for fretting and problem solving.

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