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Dominated by One
Though confrontation is difficult, it can be essential to small group health.
Planning for the Future
Identifying the key roles in your group ensures its long-term health.
Plugging the Leadership Leak
Why leaders need to set an example of community.
Dr. Phil
Top 10 things Dr. Phil would say if he came to your group.
Why So Many House Churches?
People are choosing to gather outside of the traditional church setting, and they're creating community in their homes.
House Churches, G-12, and Some Implications for the Future
Why are cells replacing, not just augmenting many congregations?
Marrying Small Groups and the Sunday School …An Emerging Trend
Combine biblical teaching with strong community.
Is Your Small Group Really A House Church?
Three big myths about church
Ending the fight over group size
Is Your Small Group The Front Door or the Back Door to the Church
Small groups are an effective, comfortable way to introduce nonbelievers to God.
No Pain, No Spiritual Gain
Pain is difficult, but is also a catalyst for spiritual growth.
To Pray Is to Care
How a small group cared for a member battling cancer.
Learning a New Lifestyle
A Bible study group led a young woman to Christ through their love and acceptance.
From Clique to Community
How to keep your small groups from turning into cliques.
The Small Group Answer Man
Top 10 calls received by the "Small Group Answer Man" hotline!
Common Myths of Belonging
The emerging church is redefining community, relationships, intimacy, and small groups.
Keepin' It Real
The language for reaching postmoderns may be different, but the basic needs are the same.
Destiny’s Children?
The youth today is looking for something new, something deeper, something that will help them explore their destiny in Christ.
More Is More When Less Is More
Why not have both large groups and small groups in the same meeting?
Welcome to Your New Small Group
People are changing; are our leadership styles changing with them?
Displaying 61 – 80 of 122 Matches
Page:3 4 57

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