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Evangelism Fright
How one woman was challenged to share her faith.
The Group that Serves Together Grows Together
Five ways to help task-oriented groups thrive.
"But I Wasn't Meant to Be a Mom!"
Joining a small group helped a mother embrace her new role.
Breaking Through Intellectual Barriers
A small group's love for two skeptics leads them to Christ.
The Sure Way to See Lives Change
Being in a small group is important to meaningful life change.
Coach, Don't Take it Seriously
Top 10 reasons you think the title has finally gone to your Coach's head.
What Happens Best in Same Gender Groups
When our group divided by gender, we were able to delve deeper into the Word—and into each other's lives.
Setting P.A.C.E. in Men's or Women's Small Groups
A method for approaching gender specific discipleship
Coffee Break Women’s Small Groups
Ahead of its time, yet still brewing
Try A Small-Group Sandwich!
By sandwiching coed times with gender exclusive times, it is possible to gain the profits of both.
Demystifying Misunderstandings
Sometimes the most important part of clearing up misunderstandings is talking about them.
It Could Happen to You!
Apply the success of Saddleback church to your small group program.
Bad Days Are Sometimes The Best Days
Small groups can be a great place for learning lessons about life.
Taking Their Faith to the Streets
A small group's one-time mission project turns into a ministry.
Top 10 things newcomers in your church think a 'small group' is.
Small groups do not exist for community. They exist in community for the mission Jesus called us to: making disciples.
Are You Tired Yet?
Since I was overwhelmed myself, I decided to poll pastors around the country about their workload. Here's what I found.
New Math
Learn multiplication then addition, and then you can avoid division and subtraction.
You Can't Have Babies if You Don't Get Pregnant
Why mentoring is a prerequisite to multiplication.
Advice from Grandma
Small group coaches can give advice on the process of birthing groups, much like family members do with an expecting couple.
Displaying 81 – 100 of 122 Matches
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