A Purpose Beyond The Passion

Five ways your small groups can turn this movie into an opportunity for ministry.

This Easter may be the biggest opportunity for small group ministry, yet.

Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ grossed $23.6 million opening day. This one-day sale rivals blockbusters like The Matrix Revolutions, The Lord of the Rings, and The Phantom Menace. The numbers may baffle Hollywood, but for months churches across the nation have been anticipating America's rush to the theaters.

Both Rick Warren and Bill Hybels hosted private viewings of the movie for several thousand pastors to help launch a wave of spiritual renewal.

You and your small group members will never have a better opportunity to share the life-changing story of Jesus Christ. Those you've invited or those who have attended on their own have seen the heart of Christ through the film; now let them see Christ incarnate through your life in your home. Here are some practical ways that you and your small group can make the most of The Passion and grow your small group ministry in the process.

1. Rally your group leaders and pastoral staff.

Gather all your small group leaders and ministry leaders, and take them to the movie. Even if it's for the second time—this time it's for others. Afterwards, have dinner or dessert to discuss the film. Together pray for Easter and how The Passion will and can affect your services. No doubt this Easter more people than ever will end up in a church. Don't let your ministry be left behind.

Cast a vision for your leaders of how their small groups and classes can begin to respond to seekers' questions. It's essential that the leaders in your church catch the vision for this opportunity.

2. Give your small groups a taste of applying The Passion to their lives.

For each small ...

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