Small Groups and Evangelism

Small Groups and Evangelism

Help your groups reach out to those who need the love of Christ.

Note: Click Training Small Groups to Reach Out to see a free article from this resource.

"As Christians, we all know that evangelism should be a priority in our everyday lives. But turning that knowledge into action can be a difficult proposition, especially when we enjoy the comfort and intimacy of a small group.

This download can provide your small group with the tools needed to effectively reach out as a community of believers, including practical advice from Bill Hybels, Jeff Arnold, Alan Danielson, and others. As a Training Theme, this download also includes devotionals, case studies, assessments, and activities to help your church train and support group leaders on the principles and methods of small-group evangelism."


The Implications of Hell
Why evangelism is more than a nice thing to do.
Matthew 13:47–51
by Bill Hybels


Training Small Groups to Reach Out
An interview with small-groups author and pastor Jeff Arnold.
Mark 2:13–17
a Christianity Today International interview


Turning the Church Inside Out
Steps to help your church make the transition to an outward-focused ministry.
Matthew 9:35–38
by Charles Roesel

Is Your Group Evangelistically Open?
Evaluate your group's strengths and weaknesses in light of different types of evangelism.
Philemon 6
by Joel Comiskey


Building a Bridge for Outreach
Teaming up to serve can change lives both inside and outside of your small group.
Jeremiah 22:16
by Krista Petty

Starting a Seeker Small Group
A step-by-step look into what you can expect.
Matthew 9:35–38
by Gary Bussman


Not off the Hook
When it comes to evangelism, make sure to start with the basics.
Romans 10:14–15
by Mark Mittleberg

Overcoming the Outreach Hurdles
Evangelism isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. But it's worth the risk.
1 Corinthians 9:19–22
by Craig Brian Larson


Turning Your Church Inside Out
Transforming self-centered worshipers into the living, breathing Body of Christ.
Matthew 25:34–40
by Charles Roesel

Creating an Outward Culture for Your Small Groups
Practical advice for turning around your small-group battleship.
Matthew 28:19–20
by Alan Danielson

Building a Great Outreach-Focused Group
Practical advice from an experienced leader.
1 Peter 3:15
by Cathy Mogus

Opening the Bible for Seekers
Small groups that thoughtfully use Scripture can serve an evangelistic purpose.
Isaiah 55:10–11
by Marilyn Kunz


60 Ways to Reach Out
by The River Church Community



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