Taking Their Faith to the Streets

A small group's one-time mission project turns into a ministry.

When challenged to invest $100 in a mission project, I suggested to our small group that we partner with an inner-city church and host a neighborhood cookout where we would distribute clothes and Bibles.

Everyone agreed and chipped in a few extra dollars. Toys, clothes, and Bibles were donated. A few days before the event, we posted flyers in the neighborhood, unsure of what to expect.

Finally, the day arrived and we fed over 150 people, many who were homeless, prostitutes, and drug addicts. After the meal, the pastor shared a short message, and several came forward and asked for prayer.

As I was leaving that night, God said to me, "Tonight you did it; don't stop."

He reminded me of a vision I had about four years ago: buy a bus; take the seats out; put in sound system and a big barbeque grill; and, go into poor neighborhoods, feed the people, and share the Gospel.

From that, Take It to the Street ministries was born. The original six guys from the group make up the board of directors. Since its birth, we've held 15 outreach events and served over 3,000 meals, and given over 4,000 pieces of clothing along with nearly 1,000 Bibles. Most importantly, several have given their lives to the Lord.

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