Yielding to God's Nudge

How one reluctant small group participant discovered God's purpose for her.

I knew God was leading me to be a part of a small group. Every time I heard an announcement about sign-ups or saw a flyer, I felt more and more convinced that I needed to get involved.

But I was nervous about it, and a little reluctant. The first night my group met, I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked toward the front door. But after everyone started showing up, I began to relax. They were all really great people, and we meshed quickly.

Everyone was so hungry to learn about God's Word. Whereas I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb because I didn't "know enough" to contribute, I found I didn't feel out of place because we had a wide range of maturity levels. Some members had never even been to church; others had been believers for years and years.

I'm so glad I finally surrendered to what God was nudging me to do. Since then, I've come to the place where I really want to be used by him and don't want to hold anything back anymore. And I'm finding that the more I commit myself to Him, the more blessings I experience every day.

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