Evangelism Fright

How one woman was challenged to share her faith.

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember—though I've gone through definite periods of being a "good" Christian and times of being fairly lazy about my faith.

I thought I was in a time of "goodness" until my small group was working through the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign and took a quiz to see how we were doing in the five purposes. My worst was in evangelism. With the exception of my husband, I was fairly certain that no one else on earth would be in heaven because of my witness.

Up until this point, it never really bothered me. I just figured evangelism wasn't one of my "gifts." As long as I gave to the church and missionaries, I felt I was doing my part to reach out for Jesus.

Everyone scored low in this category. But many group members scored themselves low because they couldn't always get others to their knees; I scored low because I didn't even try.

It was the new Christians in my group who impressed me the most—their zeal to share the gospel was unending. When I shared my amazement at the ease at which they evangelized, they chuckled and said they weren't exactly banging on doors or shouting on street corners. They were just trying to make God's part in their life obvious to others.

One woman only reads Christian books in the coffee shop she visits so that when asked what she is reading, she has an opportunity to share her faith.

Another woman drops "God talk" into regular conversation. She'd looks and prays for ways to mention church, an answered prayer, or a Christian book or Scripture passage she is reading into conversation. This simple technique has led toward many conversations about faith with ...

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