To Pray Is to Care

How a small group cared for a member battling cancer.

Cancer hit our family, and we were devastated.

Not too long after my wife's second diagnosis of cancer, our friends invited us to be a part of their group. We'd never been part of a small group and were skeptical of its purpose. We joined half-heartedly, never expecting the unparalleled encouragement, patience, support, and love that our group showered on us through the most difficult time in our lives.

Normally, when people heard about Margaret's cancer, people said, "We'll pray for you." The gesture was kind, but their care stopped there.

Through the course of Margaret's treatment, not only did our group pray diligently but also their actions exemplified their faith. Their acts of extreme love were nothing short of awesome.

On occasions when our budget was tight, they gave us money. When Margaret needed rides to her appointments or our kids needed to get to practices, they provided. Meals upon meals were made for us when Margaret was too weak to cook. During a very warm summer, we were given an air conditioner. When they noticed I was overwhelmed, they created a calendar of people to spend time with Margaret so I could get a break. And during the later stage of Margaret's illness, they held small group in our bedroom, just so she could be a part of it.

Their actions went beyond the superficial realm, well into the sacrificial realm.

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