Learning a New Lifestyle

A Bible study group led a young woman to Christ through their love and acceptance.

Jane was miserable. She'd never really wanted to start having sex with David. Even though she cared deeply for him, she was only a freshman in college, and it seemed like a big step to take.

"But it will make us so much closer, Jane," David would say. After a while, Jane gave in. At first, it did make her feel closer to David. But two months later, he broke up with her, and she was left feeling used and abandoned.

Jane had been through break-ups before, but they'd never been as difficult as this one. She had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. She felt so low all the time. She just couldn't shake it.

When a friend invited her to a prayer meeting on campus, she agreed to go. Nothing else was helping. She figured she didn't have much to lose. That night they were having sign-ups for Bible study groups. Jane decided to give it a try.

Jane quickly found that her group was a safe place to ask questions. Even though the other girls obviously knew a lot more about the Bible, they never made her feel awkward about her lack of knowledge. In fact, Jane couldn't think of a time when she'd felt more accepted. Ultimately, it was this acceptance and love that led Jane to accept Christ.

Meanwhile, David had also come back into her life, and she was struggling to figure out how to handle their relationship. She was beginning to understand that a physical relationship with him was not pleasing to God, but she felt so attached.

When Jane talked to her Bible study leader about David, she didn't feel judged or condemned. Her leader explained that God had something far better in store for her if she would just obey.

In the end, it was her leader's gracious love and acceptance ...

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