Keepin' It Real

The language for reaching postmoderns may be different, but the basic needs are the same.

Four years ago, I left the "Boomer" world of doing church and delved into the mystical world of postmodernity here in Denver. My family and I joined a leading postmodern church called TNL. I became close friends with the founding pastor. I studied and read every church and book I could find about connecting with postmoderns. I went to the leading conferences like FutureGen and Soularize. I extensively interviewed many pastors leading successful postmodern churches. I started hanging out in coffee shops (though I am not a coffee drinker) and bookstores developing relationships. I started 3 home groups reaching "postmoderns." And just last fall, I began planting a church (Connected Life) with these home groups. Our target group? Yep…those postmoderns.

In August of 03, we rented a local bar (we are becoming known as "church in the bar") to meet in and use that setting to develop emerging communities, around tables, for the purpose of launching a small group. So what! What have you learned about authentic biblical community that you did not know before? I say all of this to say this. As a small group junkie, I wanted to see if there was anything significantly different or unique that I could learn from these emerging churches about doing small groups that I did not get when I was leading and championing groups in the Boomer style church. And you know what I learned?

Granted, this is the "keep it real" generation. Authenticity and Community are huge core values to postmoderns. But what I have learned is that there is not a basic difference in the core competencies that are critical for successful small groups. Oh the words may change and the setting and style. Call it whatever you like but the basics are still the basics. ...

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