Is Your Small Group The Front Door or the Back Door to the Church

Small groups are an effective, comfortable way to introduce nonbelievers to God.

Did you know that Crossroads Bible Church has a back door? It's the best-kept secret at the church. In fact, if we ever open the back door, holler out the screen and say to the community around us, "Come on in" we will not have enough room to hold all of those who will come to be part of our church.

So far we have kept the back door closed. Most of us don't even know it's there. But when I tell you where it's located you will find yourself saying, "Oh, yeah, of course, I knew that!"

Here is the situation we face—we each live in homes located in neighborhoods. In those neighborhoods are hundreds of families that do not go to church anywhere. Most of them are unsaved, and if they have ever been to church in the past, it has often been a bad experience. So inviting most of our neighbors to come to church will not always work. Some will say, "Oh, I tried that and hated it." or "Church? That's where they keep all the hypocrites isn't it?" or "I've been to church and no one said a word to me. It's the most unfriendly place I have ever been, the bars treat you better than the churches do."

The front door is great for most Christians and "church shoppers", but many non-Christians will not use the front door. They would rather just "sleep in."

But, what would happen if we open the back door? Do you know that most people don't know it's the back door to a church? In fact, they will be most willing to come into the church through the back door, but reluctant to start by coming in the front door.

What is the back door? And how do we get it open? (I know that you are asking these and other questions.) Ok, are you ready?

Here's the content of a call I got from one of our minichurch leaders today- Leader: "Would it be ok to invite some ...

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