Coffee Break Women’s Small Groups

Ahead of its time, yet still brewing

It was watching young moms drop off their children at a church-sponsored, community outreach Story Hour program for preschoolers that prompted the very first Coffee Break Bible study for women. As the church's pastor and a woman from his congregation with a passion for sharing Jesus watched the young moms drive away, they asked, "Why not invite them to stay?"

So they did, offering these moms—and other women in their community—coffee, conversation, and a connection to Jesus in a casual, low-key, informal atmosphere. Pastor Al Vander Griend devised the strategy and Neva Evenhouse wrote and led the Bible study lessons. Using a small-group format and a Bible study lesson of questions that presumed no previous Bible study knowledge, Neva (and eventually other leaders as well) guided the women in this newly-formed group to discover for themselves what the Bible said and meant. The women loved it. They grew in their friendships with others and in their relationship with Jesus. Some became believers for the first time. Others recommitted their lives to Christ. Still others invited their friends and family to come and share the joy of discovering Scripture truths in a way that connected to their hearts as well as their minds.

That was almost 35 years ago. Today, Coffee Break continues to thrive. The same small-group, low-key, discover-for-yourself Bible study strategy still works. The focus continues to be on reaching women for Christ and growing them in their faith in Him. Women still love gathering with friends to explore what the Bible has to say about life today. They are amazed at discovering Jesus.

Many women's small groups are available today, but Coffee Break continues to hit the mark for a variety of reasons: ...

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