Effective Small Groups for Women
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Effective Small Groups for Women

Get great advice and practical tips on ministering to an important demographic

Whether it's mixed-gender groups or women-only communities, churches need to have a good understanding of the feminine experience and perspective within their small groups. Women bring a wide variety of gifts and opportunities into a small-group experience. They also face specific challenges.

This resource will equip churches and small-group leaders to address both of these dynamics.

For a sample from this Training Tool, read "Why Some Women Resist Community."


I Found Community
Sure, it's risky doing life together in a small group. But the rewards are worth it.
By Hollie Baker-Lutz

Why Some Women Resist Community
And how to help them connect
By Nancy Barton

For Women Only

Seven Keys to More Effective Women's Groups
Great advice on becoming firmly established in community
By Pat J. Sikora

The Biggest Challenges in Women's Small Groups
Two areas that are often responsible for division
By Alan and Stacy Danielson

Not All Girls Are Girly
We need to re-focus women's small groups on the gospel.
By Maegan Stout

Dealing with Human Natural Disasters
Because group leaders must be rescue workers, as well.
By Rachel Gilmore

Mixed-Gender Groups

Leading Men in a Small Group
Here are six simple principles that you can apply today.
By Amy Simpson

When Men Lead Women
Choose to empower rather than buying into the myths.
By Maegan Stout

Engaging in Small Groups as a Couple
Important keys to protecting marriages and strengthening relationships
By Len Woods

Gender and Small-Group Accountability
Accountability in men's, women's, and mixed groups
By Rick Lowry

Your Open Home
The main principles and challenges of small-group hospitality
By Linda McCullough-Moore

The Many Ways to Include Children in Community
Your kids don't have to be a major obstacle.
By Reid Smith

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