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The O-Group Strategy

Don't ask people to come to your small group—take your small group to the people.

Childcare, Part 2

Top 10 signs that your childcare isn't working.

Small Group Growing Pains

Introducing the concept of community into a church can be painful, but there are ways to ease the pains.

Changing Direction of Ministry

Effective and lasting change comes through the process of identifying, joining, encouraging, and then changing direction.

The Transition

Some tips for transitioning adult Sunday School classes into small groups.

Back to the Prototype

Transitioning to neighborhood small groups.


Top 10 reasons you think your apprentice is planning a hostile takeover of the group.

Community Standards

Authentic relationships are essential to small group—and individual—life.

Community Evaluation

A tool to assess your small group's current state of community.

Circles of Indemnity

God has called us to surround one another in the midst of our circumstances.

Loving Beyond Barriers

Ways you can extend the hand of fellowship beyond the perimeter of your group.

Building the Dynamics of the "One Another’s"

Real community is going to be tough at times.

Left Behind

Top 10 ways to know your group has been reading the Left Behind series

Assessment and Adjustment of the Small Group Ministry

Positive and developmental feedback is necessary in order for any organization to achieve success.

Upward, Inward, Outward, Forward Assessment Tool

A tool to assess your small group's current health and strength.

Don't Chunk the Check-ups!

Four truths about the practice of constant and careful evaluation.

Effective on Purpose

A small group’s effectiveness lies in the leader knowing and living God’s purpose for their small group.

Spiritual Growth Online

Growthfinder is an online tool that will help you assess your spiritual health.

Gauging the Health of Your Group

Tools to help see where you're going strong, and where you might need a little support.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 75 11 Matches
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