Circles of Indemnity

God has called us to surround one another in the midst of our circumstances.

One cold winter day in Denver, Colorado, while people were absorbed by the activities of life, a backdrop of snow and sleet fell to the ground. As the people of Denver went about their daily routines, one woman was focused solely on her child. Today was the day she was taking her newborn baby home from the hospital after a longer-than-usual stay. Shortly after birth, the child had open-heart surgery. Although the doctor probably didn't have to tell her, he reminded the new mom to be extra careful with the fragile child.

She buckled the newborn safely in the car seat, got in herself, locked the door, put on her seatbelt, and drove toward home. Icy rain and snow accumulated on the roads. She turned onto Interstate 25. The wind picked up, blowing the snow across the road, making it more difficult to see. She tightened her grip on the steering wheel and glanced in the back seat at her newborn. The windshield wipers moved in fast motion. Squinting and tense, she noticed something unusual ahead. A car had skidded out of control and was turned sideways. She was headed straight for it. She reacted quickly and slammed her foot on the brake. Her mind was on her frail, postoperative child as her car slid, heading right for the car in front of her. They slid down the interstate and stopped only inches from the other car. No impact whatsoever. Inches from a collision that could have been life threatening.

Before a sigh of relief could be released from her lungs, she noticed a semi-truck barreling down the highway and skidding right toward the two cars stuck in the traffic lane. She heard the brakes of the truck squeal as it jack-knifed and slid toward her car. The front of the truck stopped less than a foot from the hood of her car. And ...

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