Mentoring New Small-Group Leaders on your TEAM

Using situational leadership with your apprentice.

Small-Group Leadership Mentoring

What is shepherding, really?

One of the Lucky Ones

How to bless others—and yourself—through effective mentoring.

It’s Never Too Early to Start

Mentoring future Small-Group Leaders from the next generation.

Plan A - Small Group Community

When life isn't working as we have planned, God's plan is usually at work.

Balancing the Tensions of Small Group Life

Five main small group conflicts and how to go about solving them.

Training Leaders on Purpose

If you want small groups to be successful, you have to train and support the leaders.

Why Bother if Extra Grace is Required?

With love and God's grace, significant healing can happen.

Taking the Sting Out Of Criticism

Time tested paths to peace while under attack

Handling Difficult People: When Extra Grace is Required

Difficult people can be confusing and overwhelming to lead, having a framework in place can make the situation easier for you both.

An Atmosphere of Grace

Is there a way to minister to your group, and still help a difficult person move deeper in their spiritual journey?

Kids and Small Groups—Handling Difficult Children

Children have the same needs as adults in many areas of their lives.

Icebreakers and Beyond

Jesus used simple, easy questions to lead into his deeper, soul-probing questions.

Give Me a Good Question!

If you plan your meeting using carefully thought-out questions, you’ll be on your way to leading a study that changes lives.

The Best Questions, Ever!

Three small group veterans share their favorite questions and question-asking strategies.

Go Deep with Good Questions

A good question can influence your decisions and your relationship with God and others.

When Truth Intercepts Life

Good questions can spur intimacy within a group.

Creating Community in Our Communities

Equipping and encouraging people to pursue intimacy with God, community with believers, and influence with nonbelievers.

From Large to Small Groups

In the US, many people prefer to begin in large group gatherings, and then move on to small group community.

Using Midsize Groups to Incubate Small Groups

Develop the idea of small groups among your congregation.

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