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Worship Songs
Top 10 rejected small group worship songs.
Building a Great Coaching System
When you build the people, the people build the ministry.
Creating a Dynamic Coaching Strategy
Every dynamic team has a coach with a dynamic coaching strategy.
Coaching in Action
A small group coaching strategy that's working.
Friendship: The Simple Secret of Coaching
The principle behind effective coaching is simple: be a friend.
Successful Coaching
It's as simple as the word COACH
Confessions of a Coach
I thought I knew all about coaching, but I had some misunderstandings.
Coaching Tools
A sample minimal coaching plan, coaching check-up, and coaching appointment checklist
Answering Machine
Top 10 messages left on the Small-Group Leader's answering machine.
Strategic Group Meetings
Avoid the frustration of a poorly run group with a little planning.
Is Your Agenda Killing Your Group?
The proper place of a plan in your meetings.
People-Focused Group Agendas
Your leadership doesn't have to be polished, it just has to be passionate.
Creating a Great Small Group Meeting Agenda
Sometimes you may not follow it, but an agenda can help God work within your small group.
Planning Great Meetings
Believe it or not, the Bible isn't against the notion of planning.
How to Spice Up Your Meetings
55 ways to spice up your small group time.
Displaying 61 – 75 of 75 Matches
Page:23 4

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