How to Spice Up Your Meetings

55 ways to spice up your small group time.

Here are 55 great ways to spice up your next small group meeting!

  1. Meet outdoors.

  2. Invite an unchurched neighbor.

  3. Read from a different Bible translation.

  4. Show a pertinent video clip.

  5. Divvy up all the responsibilities.

  6. Let recent additions to the group participate by giving them an assigned task.

  7. Bring an exotic dessert or dish.

  8. Invite someone from another country/cultural background.

  9. Give out a door prize.

  10. Serve communion.

  11. Have someone share a testimony.

  12. Substitute caffeinated coffee for the de-caf.

  13. Confess failures and pray for one another.

  14. Go to a nearby nursing home and visit the residents.

  15. Pile into someone's van, go to Wal-Mart, and put together a missionary care package.

  16. Take 10 minutes to have each person write an encouraging note to someone on your pastoral staff.

  17. Call a church-supported missionary on someone's speaker phone.

  18. Log on to the Internet and give each group member a couple of minutes to write a quick e-note to a church member serving in the military or to a college student studying in another state.

  19. Have the group take turns sharing what they appreciate about each member.

  20. Have a potluck.

  21. Have a barbecue.

  22. Agree to babysit the children of all the new moms in your church so they can run errands.

  23. Gather in a kitchen, bake chocolate chip cookies, and then deliver them in the neighborhood.

  24. Watch a missions video.

  25. Gather at the church and clean up (or paint or organize) a particular room (get permission first!).

  26. Have a "theme night." For more details see the book Supper Club by Michael Kendrick (Baker).

  27. Pray less than normal.

  28. Pray more than normal.

  29. Don't lecture!

  30. Draw out your quieter members with gentle questions.

  31. Take up a collection for a worthy cause.

  32. Sing some praise choruses.

  33. Have everyone pray out loud at the same time.

  34. Assign someone to read short selections from the writings of a noted Christian author.

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