Creating a Dynamic Coaching Strategy

Every dynamic team has a coach with a dynamic coaching strategy.

Do your small group leaders know the game plan? Do they know the position of the goal line? Can we improve our strategy?

So we win a few and we lose a few. Does this sound like your team's banner? So our team members don't always know when to block or which way to run. Our team captains (small group leaders) don't always give the right plays. What is a coach to do? Sounds like it's time to revise our coaching strategy. You do have one don't you? Surprisingly enough, it is quite common that small group coaches have not devised a coaching strategy.

Every dynamic team has a coach with a dynamic coaching strategy. This strategy will be first clear to the coach, it is both defined and intentional, before it will be clear to his leaders. It should include the vision, direction and confirmation that are all backed up by a good, clear personal example. Let's take a closer look at the elements of a dynamic coaching strategy.


The first element in creating our strategy is vision. This is the element that makes our strategy dynamic. Many groups fade or resolve to become just a social group due to the lack of a clear vision. Include your leaders and spend much time in prayer to seek God's vision for your group. Remember this is God's ministry not ours. By including your leaders they will have more ownership in the vision, and they will learn to do the same when they become coaches.

Vision states the who, what, where and why of group meetings. It states what your group is, what it does, and the purpose of your meetings and what it hopes to achieve. My church provides a definition statement for our groups, a vision statement and group goals. This gives a clear point of reference for our leaders to guide and redirect their groups. A clear ...

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