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Growthfinder is an online tool that will help you assess your spiritual health.

Most of us are convinced spiritual growth is supposed to be natural and normal for healthy believers. Because of this we put a collection of growing believers, seekers and new believers together in a small group, give them a Bible and a curriculum and set them on their way to grow spiritually. And amazing stuff often occurs! People make exciting discoveries about how God designed life to be lived. They readjust their lifestyles to incorporate biblical values. Life destroying habits are broken. Lives are changed. In short, grace happens.

Yet, down deep inside there is a gnawing for those of us with equipping gifts. How well are we really doing? We love those we shepherd and we want to make sure, not just hope, that they are healthy, that some life-dulling virus hasn’t invaded the body causing fatigue, depression and even death. But how do we diagnose these? We don’t really want to impose some rigid, grace-numbing inoculation on the body for a symptom that’s really a pet-peeve of a vocal individual or minority. We’d much rather have a clear picture of what is and what is not going on. Then we can get some help to write the best prescriptions for growth.

It was in the incubator of this kind of thinking that GrowthFinder was conceived and birthed. GrowthFinder was designed to use the Internet as a tool to help individuals, small groups and whole congregations see clearly how they are growing. It also gives them quick, customizable access to the very best tools available to focus on needed areas of attention. Here’s a quick ultrasound:

Biological growth is recognized by maturity of different systems of an organism. In humans these include the cardiovascular, skeletal, reproductive, digestive and nervous systems. Similarly, ...

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