Assessment and Adjustment of the Small Group Ministry

Positive and developmental feedback is necessary in order for any organization to achieve success.

Ok, how many of you complete those evaluation forms that restaurants or hotels ask you to complete from time to time? There have been times when I have received one of those via email or snail mail and just tossed it. My thought was, "I had a good experience there. I do not need to fill this out." Later I ask myself, "Why is it that I only complete these when I want to communicate a bad experience?" Yes, that place of business needs to hear what they need to correct, but what about telling people when they do get it right. Positive and developmental feedback is necessary in order for any organization to achieve success.


One of the critical skills of an effective coach or small group pastor is to be able to assess the effectiveness of the group ministry and make the necessary adjustments to accomplish the objectives for the ministry. Every small group is different as they should be. We should be a reflection of our church culture and local community. But are there some overarching benchmarks that all of us should measure our small group "success" by? Hopefully, all who lead such ministries have some process by which they evaluate their ministry. When assessing my ministry, I ask myself and my team members the following questions:

Are WE …

  • Modeling "Authentic Community" in our own lives?
  • Focusing on the making of disciple-makers as our bottom line?
  • Maintaining a "Whatever it takes" attitude?
  • Casting the vision for small groups as a pastoral team?
  • Strategizing the best methods and resources to reach the goal?
  • Valuing community as the place where real life change happens?
  • Creating safe places for people to take off their mask and be real?
  • Championing worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry and fellowship through the group ministry?

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