Outreach Options
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Operation Backpack
Provide a backpack to meet a student's need and lighten someone's load.
God Rated
Share a movie with a friend who needs to share his or her life.
Glancing Behind The Mask
Give someone an opportunity to feel safe enough to take off his or her mask.
Single-Minded Love
Show a single mom you care and she may turn to your God.
Windshield Of The Soul
Wash a windshield so someone can see God more clearly.
Caring Packages
Show a soldier you care by sending a special package of love.
Change For A Penny
Use a penny to let someone know how valuable he or she is to God.
Are You Just Wearing The T-Shirt
Take a walk towards someone and let God use you to change a life.
Giving Thanks
Use the holiday season as an opportunity to share your thankfulness for God's blessings.
Go Team
Use a sporting event for an opportunity to encourage a group member.
Circles Of Love
Enlarge your circles to include others.
Back To School
Support a child financially and open a door spiritually.
Teach Them The Way
Creative ways to teach your children how to serve others.
Sounds Of Summer
Offer to cut someone's lawn as an act of service.
Flowers Of Faith
Offer someone flowers so they can smell the fragrance of God.
Spring Into Action
Use cleaning someone's house as an entrance into his/her life.
Breaking Through The Bars
Go out of your comfort zone and into a prisoner's life.
Meeting God
Visit a nursing home and lift the spirits of those often neglected.
Out-reaching Resolutions
Have a time of reflection for your group where you evaluate areas of of growth, and areas that need attention.
Some Assembly Required
Plan on getting together with neighbors for a Christmas celebration and share God's greatest gift.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 71 Matches
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