Outreach Options

A Buck Ninety-One

Use a handful of change to evaluate what is important to you.

A Cup Of Water

Offer a cold beverage to quench someone's thirst so you can meet deeper needs.

Care Walking

Here's a way to connect with others by taking a walk with God and praying for them.

College-Bound Baskets

Show a college student how much you care by giving him/her a gift basket.

Spring Cleaning

Do a thorough evaluation of neglected areas of your life.

More Than A Story

Share personal stories with each other as a way to really connect.

A New Start

Provide hope for someone by giving them a new item they really need.

A Valuable Gift

Let someone feel valued by giving the gift of your time this Christmas.

Grounded In Love

Nurture a relationship you have to be well grounded.

Building Up Barney

Ways to encourage someone in your life who is overlooked

Teacher's Survival Kit

Give a survival kit to a teacher who needs encouragement.

The Magic Of Love

A way to expand God's kingdom by starting with your neighbors.

Fast Food Friendships

A way to see that each person in our lives is significant.

Reaching In

Here are some practical ways to meet the needs in your community as a group.

Our Mission

Encourage your group members to develop individual mission statements.


Use recycled items to remind you how God has taken and recycled us.

Book Love

Form a book club and start by discussing a book and then go deeper.

Growing The Grinch's Heart

Look for a Grinch you can love this Christmas.

Neigborhood Watch

We can't love our neighbors if we don't know them.

Operation Backpack

Provide a backpack to meet a student's need and lighten someone's load.

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