Outreach Options

The Treasure Of Trash

A creative way to show God's love by picking up trash.

Fall Footwork

Organize a prayer walk with group members lifting up needs in the community.

Baby Steps

Show an unwed mother your love as you shower her with gifts for her baby.

A Warm Welcome

A way to welcome newcomers into your community and show God's love.

The Treasures Of The Church

Have a thrift sale where you can sell unwanted items and possibly interest others in joining your group.

A Cup Of Cold Water

Extend an act of kindness so that others may see Jesus.

Fields To Harvest

Have a party where you invite those who don't have a personal relationship with the Lord.

Picture Them Perfect

Use photos as gentle reminders to pray for those who don't know the Lord.

The Least Of These

Serve at a rescue mission so others can see God's love.

Baskets of Blessings

Assemble a basket of little items to bless a person's heart.

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