Your Hidden Curriculum (part 1)

What do people learn from you about the Christian life? Sometimes it's what you never intended to teach.

Microwave vs. Crock-pot

Which leadership development philosophy do you choose?

Benchmarks: The Typical Small Group

Check out these statistics to get your finger on the pulse of small-groups ministry.

Something Bigger!

Getting to the root of our small-group ministry calling

Money Troubles

Where small groups fit in a tough economy.

The Friends of a Group Leader

Three different kinds of people you need in your life.

Restoring the Relational Church (part 2)

How church leaders can move from "meeting" in community to "living" in community.

Keep It Simple

Three basic patterns that can help your group avoid over-complication.

Questioning Discipleship

Why group leaders should be less information-dumpers and more question-askers.

Restoring the Relational Church (part 1)

How church leaders can move from "meeting" in community to "living" in community.

Casting a Vision for Group Multiplication

Practical advice for shifting the culture and focus of your ministry

Leading by Discrepancy

Painting the picture of what is and what could be
Danger Signs for House Churches

Danger Signs for House Churches

Here are several pitfalls that you'll want to avoid.

Choosing Trust

Why the hardest decision in a small group is also the most important

Avoiding Pitfalls in Group Dynamics

Here are a few ways to keep the peace.

What Makes a Good Bible Study?

The answer may not be what you think.

Four Keys to Customize Your Small-Group Strategy

Use these practical steps to help re-focus your ministry.

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