Small-Group Involvement Sheet

Here’s a practical way to help all of your group members participate.

Small Groups and the Missional Renaissance (pt. 1)

What is God doing through the missional church, and how do small groups fit in?

What Should Our Group Study?

Helpful advice for a question that is asked a lot this time of year

Rehabilitating Small-Group Leaders

Wounded leaders need time and care before returning to battle.

A Safe Place to Heal

Participating in community is vital for those who have been spiritually damaged.

Taking the Next Step to Serve

An overview of small-group service projects

Breaking Bread Together

Why sharing meals together is a big deal

The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders

Why we need to be farmers, not recruiters

How Does Your Group's "Garden" Grow?

A reality check for small-group leaders

Help Your Group to Wake Up!

Common problems and practical solutions for praying together

Sermon-Based Groups or Group-Based Sermons?

Learn about a new approach to matching the weekly sermon with your small groups.

Small-Group Advertising

All those looking for a small group, please raise your hands!

"Three Is Enough" Groups

Take a look at a new way of approaching small groups and discipleship.

The Lost Art of Pilgrimage

One woman's experience with the Fifth Gospel, and what it means for the rest of us

Time to Get Away

Consider taking your small group on a spiritual retreat.

What Happens in Group Spiritual Direction?

Learn what it takes to lead, what models to follow, and what fruit to expect.

Lead Yourself Well

So that you can be a leader worth following

Cultivating a Tender Heart

How group leaders can overcome a cynical attitude

Your Hidden Curriculum (part 2)

What do people learn from you about the Christian life? Sometimes it's what you never intended to teach.

Teach Us to Pray

What we can learn from the leading and prayer of Jesus

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