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The Three Levels of Small-Group Problems
Learn how to classify and resolve periods of "temporary chaos" in group life.
Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name
Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name
A spiritual retreat can quiet your soul and renew your faith.
Achieving "Oneness" in a Small Group (pt 1)
Several strategies that can help your groups really connect
On Small Groups and Friendship
Relationships are a key ingredient to small-group life, but we need to understand how they work and what limits are involved.
Resource Review: "Together in Prayer"
Resource Review: "Together in Prayer"
If your small group prays together, you'll want to read this.
Pulling Off a Successful All-Church Campaign
Pulling Off a Successful All-Church Campaign
Here are the main benefits and challenges.
Developing the Heart of a Shepherd
Why it is vitally important that small-group leaders truly care
Successfully Launching a Small Group
Here are four things you can do to make sure you new group takes flight.
People Are Not Projects
How to keep a Kingdom focus when your people move on
The Proper Care and Feeding of Group Leaders
Be proactive, make them a priority, and stress the importance of confidentiality.
When You Have an Open Door
Here's how to incorporate new members into an existing small group.
Small (Group) Wonders
A single woman's encounter with a group full of couples
Are You There, God?
An interview with Matt Woodley, author of The Folly of Prayer
How to Give Away Your Small Group
A new strategy for trauma-free multiplication
Resource Review: DVD Curriculum for Your Family
Explore the pros and cons of some interesting studies from SmallGroupsMaterials.com.
The Journey into Authenticity
How fear and spontaneity play into almost any small group
Making Relational Deposits
"Relational banking" can help you go way beyond "just getting it done"
Community as Crucible
Exploring the cost and value of community
Great Relational Leaders
What they do and what they don’t do
Are You Feeling "At Home" in Your Small Group?
Examine these four levels of fellowship with God and others to see where you stand.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 94 Matches
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