Which Small-Group Model Is Right for You?

Keep reality in check as you answer these important questions.

When a Group Member Has a Financial Crisis

Here are several realistic steps a group can take to help.

Do-It-Yourself Video Curriculum

Yes, you really can!

Turn Your Small-Group Hosts into Leaders

Here is a step-by-step approach that has been proven to work.

Small-Group Covenants: Part 2

The covenant components that team-building experts agree have to be in there

Small-Group Covenants: Part 1

Why it's vitally important that your leadership group has its act together
Looking for Life-Change?

Looking for Life-Change?

How small groups aid in the process of transformation

The Gospel and the Happiness Paradox

Can eternal happiness be achieved by selfish pursuit?

Assessing Small-Group Success

A new set of questions can tell us whether our groups are on the right track.

Embrace Conflict in Your Small Group!

Because ignoring a problem is the worst thing you can do.

What's the Best Way to Launch New Small Groups?

The answer lies in which set of problems you are most willing to endure.

The Power of Alignment

Make sure all the elements of your ministry are pointed in the same direction.

Help Wanted: Mentors

There is a desperate need today for spiritually mature men and women to mentor younger Christians.

No More Ministry Hogs

Here's how to get everyone in your small groups to serve.

Sharing a Meal

Take a minute to consider this natural and effective tool for building community.

Bringing Christian Community into Subcultures

How to make the most of the groups you already enjoy

Fessing Up

Restoring confession and repentance as part of discipleship in the church

We Reproduce What We Recognize

If you're unhappy with elements of your current ministry, take a look at what you currently praise.

Five Keys to Sustaining New Small Groups

You've got a lot of new groups. Now what?
How to Revive a Small Group by Involving Members

How to Revive a Small Group by Involving Members

Here are six keys to group health that your members deserve to know about.

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