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Wobbly Spirituality

Follow these six steps to help your leaders grow spiritually.

Loving the unlovable.

A small group works through their past hurts together.

Making Your Group Real "Friends"

Follow these principles to help people fulfill their longing for true community.

Surprised by Hospitality

Without hospitality, discipleship cannot flourish.

Back to the Homes?

Showing hospitality in your home is one of the most strategic ministries you can have.

Hospitality Begins Now

Small groups need to provide an atmosphere conducive to new friendships and sharing.

Ten Tips for Hospitality

Hospitality can make or break your small group's evangelism.

Sharing a Meal

A launch pad for hospitality

"Dude, I Can't Shepherd a Small Group?"

Get tips on how to lead an effective small group even if you don't think you're ready.

The "Joys" of Multiplication

Multiplying small groups can be difficult, but the rewards are worth it.

Refreshing a Servant's Heart

Serving together as a small group can make a big impact.

From Dream to Reality

With intention and perseverance you can begin small groups at your church.

Changing Lines Into Circles

Integrate your relationships to make them more effective.

The Father's Heart for Others

The love a small group showed for a woman going through cancer is opening her to God's love for her.

Your Childcare Provider

Top 10 things you wish you had found out earlier about your small group childcare provider.

The Role of the Small Group Pastor

All successful discipleship and leadership development flows from healthy relationships.

Protecting the Marriages & Families of Your Small-Group Leaders

Sometimes, the very systems we put in place to encourage strong marriages have the unintended effect of hurting the couples who are leading them.

Five Habits of Effective Small Group Coaches

Coaching can be boiled down to the word itself.

Bye-Bye Coaches

How we moved to a more relational small group support system

Ways to Get Coaching When You Don’t Have a Coach

To get the support you need, you sometimes have to seek it out.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 122 11 Matches
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