Small-Group Leader Myths

Several potential leaders aren't leading because they've embraced common myths—dispel those myths with biblical truths.

With the growth of the Internet has come a huge increase in the spread of so-called urban legends. These mythical stories (for example, the ring of evil doctors that supposedly harvests the kidneys of drugged hotel patrons) have absolutely no basis in truth.

Though these urban legends are patently false, they are unusually creative and interesting. They often seem credible. The effect is that many people believe them fervently and pass them on. Alas, the myths refuse to die. (Ask members of Congress or the FCC, who weekly get sacks and sacks of mail protesting bills or policy changes that were never even considered!)

The same power of myth is at work in small group ministry. In our church, as we have tried to recruit potential small group leaders, we have discovered that many qualified Christians are persistently reluctant to commit. Why? The more we probe, the more we realize that many in our "capable, potential leader pool" have embraced certain "urban legends" about what it takes to lead a small group.

The following chart attempts to identify some of the most common false ideas about small group leadership, and replace them with truth.

We are finding that the more effectively we dispel wrong ideas about small group leadership and replace them with truth, the more effectively we can recruit small group leaders. And ultimately, the more effective and healthy our overall church ministry will be.

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