Theological Discussions for Everyone

Theological Discussions for Everyone

Get everyone involved in meaningful, fruitful discussions.

Discussing the Bible as a group can feel daunting. Especially when we have some group members who know a lot and others who are just beginning their walk with God. But the Bible is meant to be accessible for everyone, and your group discussions can open the door for great growth to take place. Rest assured, you can lead discussions that get everyone involved. This Training Tool will show you how to prepare for meaningful discussions and how to troubleshoot issues. Learn what it takes for group members to experience life change and then plan your discussions accordingly.

For a free sample from this resource, see Intentional Spiritual Growth in Small Groups.

Leader's Guide


Lost Growth Opportunities
Research shows less than 20 percent of churchgoers read the Bible daily.
By Ed Stetzer

Prepare to Lead

Lead a Successful Discussion Without a Seminary Degree
How one person learned to lead without formal education
By Justin Marr

Intentional Spiritual Growth in Small Groups
Understanding how we grow and change
By Amy Jackson

The Spirit's Role in Small-Group Learning
Here's what it looks like and what you should look for.
By Tom Bandy

How to Read the Bible Well
Because the Bible should be accessible to all.
By J. Todd Billings

Get Everyone Involved in the Discussion
Dispel fear and meet group members where they are.
By Justin Marr

Lead the Discussion

Five Questions That Kill Discussion
What to avoid and how to construct better questions
By Terry Powell

Questions for Digging Deeper
Open up your Bible study by strategically introducing these angles on the text.
By Jeff Arnold

The Power of Studying the Word
Ways to help your group members learn directly from the Bible
By Amy Jackson

Not Everyone Learns Alike
Use a variety of methods to get the message across.
By Roberta Hestenes


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