The Call From The Holy Spirit

God has ways he wants to use us if we are willing to follow his leading.

Amy had completed a year of leadership in a women's ministry at her church. When asked to lead a small group of stay-at-home moms, she immediately agreed. Days earlier, she had felt the Holy Spirit nudging her in this direction.

The announcement was made, and many women eagerly joined when baited with free babysitting. Bible study and fellowship with other women was a satisfying break during those drawn-out, kid-filled summer days. And it would only last for six weeks.

While Amy was praying over the names of the women who signed up for the small group, names of other women began popping up: Meghan, Stacey, Noreen, and Kirsten. She kept on praying, and those four names continued to pluck her heart. Amy knew at once that she needed to invite these women, though they showed no interest just two days earlier.

Two weeks later, the small group began, and first to ring the doorbell was Noreen, then Stacey, then Kirsten, and finally Meghan. All four showed up and timidly sat in their first small group circle. Week after week, these four women asked big questions about God, like: "Why did Jesus have to die?" "You mean, His sacrifice took care of it once and for all?" and "How does He fill us with His Spirit?"

Amy persistently prayed that these women would open themselves up to an authentic relationship with Christ, though she never expected it to happen after this short six-week session.

Weeks following the conclusion of the small group, Amy received a handwritten note from Meghan, which read, "Thanks for inviting me to the small group. It is something I would've never sought out. But now I want to have a deeper connection with God."

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