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Small-Group Leader Myths

Several potential leaders aren't leading because they've embraced common myths—dispel those myths with biblical truths.

The Call From The Holy Spirit

God has ways he wants to use us if we are willing to follow his leading.

A Simple Picture of Success

Small group health depends on preparing for success.

God's Physical Arms

The members of a woman's small group show exceptional care during a difficult time.

No Time. No Resources. No Leaders.

These obstacles don't have to stop you from doing something big.


Top 10 things overheard during your Small-Group Leader's family vacation.

eLearning: Is it Virtual or Reality?

Using the internet to boost your training process.

A Day in the eLife…

You don't have to be computer guru to take advantage of the tremendous amount of information on the World Wide Web

Crossing the Technology Gaps Toward eLearning

Technology provides valuable tools for group preparation and group time.

Helping Assess the Spiritual Growth of Your Group Members

It was my vision to create an internet tool to assess disciple-making and team-building progress, and so GrowthFinder was born.

Standing on a Firm Foundation

A knowledge of God's love leads to an ability to be obedient to him.

Filling the Empty Fridge

One small group grew closer by meeting each other's needs.

Loving Sinners Is Messy But Necessary

Truly loving people in the midst of persistent sin is easier said than done.

The Pastor

Top 10 coolest things about having the pastor in your small group.

Affinity – Likeness or Commonness?

True community comes from admitting our need.


Authentic community happens spontaneously.

Keeping it REAL

Getting back to relationships in small group ministry


Only a stepping stone on the journey to oneness and embracing our commission

Connecting through Intergenerational Community

Intergenerational community can be the family that the lonely people in our churches need.

Forgiving the Unforgiveable

The betrayed members of a small group work to forgive the man who lied to them.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 122 11 Matches
Page:2 3 47

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