Reviving Your Small Group

If you feel your small group has gone stale, here are some ideas to spice things up.

If your small group has lost some of its excitement, spice it up by implementing one or more of these ideas:

  • Problem: Meeting with the same people has stifled our group's development. We all know each other very well and are too comfortable with each other. We are not being challenged by each other.

Solution: Add variety with new faces. Challenge every group member to invite a friend to a pot luck or join with another group once a month. Invite a guest speaker such as a missionary on furlough or a new Christian.

  • Problem: Our group begins and/or ends by asking for prayer requests. Our "prayer time" has turned into "advice and discussion time." We spend five minutes praying after 30 minutes of taking requests.

Solution: Have each group member pray their own request; then there will be no need for taking requests. Use this time only to praise God in prayer. To really electrify your prayer time, schedule a prayer vigil - have everyone write their requests on index cards, then pass the cards around. Each person can pray for the requests on the card they receive. Prayer vigils can be in place of regular meeting time or at a separate time, depending on the time restraints of the group.

  • Problem: The Bible has become mundane to our group; we're not excited by it like before. The study guide we're using isn't ministering to the groups needs.

Solution: A new method of study might help. Try acting out the section of Scripture you're reading in drama. Assign each person a different role and take turns acting out the thoughts, feelings and actions of the people in the story. Or have each group member write their own paraphrase of the Scripture you're studying.

  • Problem: Group members feel homework assignments are a chore. They often don't complete the assignments, and I don't want to make them feel like they have to. I want them to grow spiritually, apart from homework.

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