Healthy Boundaries for Small Groups

Healthy Boundaries for Small Groups

How to set healthy boundaries with group members

The word boundaries has a bad rap. We instantly think about saying "no" to people or activities. But the truth is that boundaries allow us to say "yes" to healthy relationships—so we're actually helping others, but not at our family's or health's expense.

Truthfully, all healthy relationships have healthy boundaries. Without healthy boundaries, relationships can go haywire quickly. With all the complex relationships in your small group, you definitely need to set up and maintain some boundaries. Use this resource to discover what healthy boundaries look like for small groups. Learn how to establish boundaries with group members of the opposite sex, handle difficult group members, and talk with your group about meeting each other's needs in healthy ways. Plus, learn what your role is and isn't and when it's time to refer someone to a professional counselor.

For a sample from this resource, read What You Should Not Share with Your Group.

Leader's Guide

Boundaries for Groups

Healthy Boundaries for Fellowship Groups
What a fellowship group is and isn't
By Michael Mack

Pushing the Boundaries
Practical tips for setting boundaries in small groups
By Trevor Lee

Boundaries for Leaders

Transparent Sharing
How much should I share?
By Will Johnston

What You Should Not Share with Your Group
Three things you should keep to yourself
By Seth Widner

Biblical Principles for Pastoral Care in Small Groups
When leaders understand what is and is not expected of them, they are more at ease.
By Brian Pierce

Establishing Boundaries with Group Members of the Opposite Sex
Staying above reproach
By Seth Widner

Handling Difficult People
When extra grace is required
By Dr. Jim Jackson

Counsel or Refer?
Practical advice for ministering to emotionally and spiritually wounded group members
By Rex L. Stancil

Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache
How to handle difficult relationships in your small group
By Les Parrott

Emotional Stability
Leaders must be willing to examine their inner life.
Interview with Peter Scazzero


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