Core Values

Your relational core values can encourage your small group to not just become disciples, but disciple makers.

As a small group leader, our most basic Biblical mandate is to make disciples (Matt. 28: 18-20). But, as we continue to look at scripture it becomes clear that not only are we to make disciples, but we are to make disciplemakers (2 Tim. 2:2). In other words, we are called to make disciples that are reproducing! The Biblical process of being transformed from disciple to disciplemaker always was done in the context of relationships. It is only in the context of relationships with others, that we can model our relationship with Jesus.

As the leader of a small group, I need to declare very early in our group's life the relational core values I will hold to, so that over time, reproducing disciples are developed from within the group. Some of my core values include:

  • As a group leader, my relationship with those in the group is the key structural component of the small group.

  • My call as a group leader is to:

  • Monitor and facilitate the activities of Fellowship, Learning, Outreach, and Worship during the group meetings

  • Pray for and make contact with group members outside of group meetings

  • Reach out and invite new people into the group (both disconnected church-goers and the unchurched)

  • Raise up and train an apprentice leader

  • Prepare the group for multiplication (birthing)

  • During group meetings I will model Acts 2:42-47 activities:

  • Fellowship—sharing in common (ice breakers and social gatherings)

  • Learning—being transformed by the Word (text studies and study guides)

  • Outreach—having a focus outside ourselves (service projects and inviting new people)

  • Worship—caring, serving, and learning with gratitude in our hearts (praying, singing, Scripture readings)

  • I will recognize life change and celebrate it when we see it occurring in the following ways:

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