A Christmas Gift of Love

With an empty pocket book but a full heart, I began to think of what I could give those I love during the Christmas season.

Every year about this time I catch the buying and giving fever. I love giving gifts. About December 1st I began looking at my friends and my family trying to think of something I could buy for each of them. I began counting heads and then reviewing my checkbook and realized that it was impossible to buy gifts for every person in my circle of loved ones. I could feel a cloud of heaviness settling in around my heart … I so wanted to give gifts that could adequately express my love. With an empty pocket book but a full heart I began to think of what I could give during this season.

My Christmas GIFT list took shape like this …

Grace … "God showed his love for us in this way; Christ died for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8 Grace is a forgiveness that we don't deserve.. It is the act of loving even when the other person is in the midst of messing up. I can give that same kind of grace to those I claim to love. When they disappoint me in the way of relationship, I can extend grace. When they make a promise and then renege, I can extend grace. When their words wound and their silence screams, I can extend grace. When they sin, fail, fall, my gift to them is grace.

Interest is the second gift I can choose to give. We all appreciate people and are magnetically drawn to those who show an interest in who we are. Asking questions that draw people out and then attentively listening to their reply is a lost art. Probing questions like, "How do you feel about … ? What would you do if … ? What do you think about … ? communicates my interest in their lives. If I really want to give a gift that people will cherish it will be the act of taking an interest in them as individuals. Showing an ...

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