Restart Right!

A few ideas to restart your group with excitement!

RESTART YOUR GROUP THIS YEAR WITH EXCITEMENT! Here are just a few ideas for getting back together. Pick several of them to do as a group.

  • Barbecue first! Before jumping into a new study, take time to get reacquainted by having a party. This is a great chance to invite some new folks who might come to a backyard barbecue before they'd consider coming to a Bible study. You could also make this a picnic at a local park or the zoo.

  • Throw a game night. Another great opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and get reacquainted with the rest of the group. Play games that get you interacting with one another.

  • Retreat! Spend a weekend together away from it all. Use the time to pray, plan, prioritize, and play.

  • Get adventurous.Go on a group bike ride. Raft or canoe down a river together. Invite a few non-Christian friends to join the fun with you. Make it a team event to build stronger bonds of camaraderie and community.

  • Scramble some eggs. Meet for breakfast on a Saturday morning, and then spend the day hanging out together.

  • Get to work. Plan a work day with your group at the church building. There are probably plenty of things you can work on together. Just ask! Working together on a project builds teamwork and a sense of mission.

  • Do a Bible "Do."Before getting into Bible study, find something the Bible commands … and do it together! Take food to the hungry. Visit prisoners. Encourage people who need encouragement. Give a cup of cold water (or a sports drink) to someone who is thirsty … at a park or parade perhaps! Discern the needs of the people around you and then do something about it.

  • Do a servant-evangelism project together. Hold a free car wash. In teams of twos, canvass a neighborhood and offer free batteries for smoke detectors. On a bike path, check bike tires for air and adjust pressure if necessary. Take free Polaroid pictures at a park. Use your imagination. When people ask why, just say "It's just our way of showing God's love in a practical way - no strings attached." (Read Steve Sjogren's Conspiracy of Kindness for more ideas.)

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