The Quiet Person

Top 10 worst ways to get that quiet person to talk.

10. Buy the Book "Quiet Person Talk!"

  • Heath Willingham,: Auburn Church of Christ

9. Secretly put a little Sodium Pentothol in his iced tea.

  • John Allen T. Bankson, First Presbyterian Church of Hattiesburg, MS

8. After sitting next to him/her for the whole meeting, ask him/her if they've ever been exposed to small pox.

  • Clyde M. DeLoach, Stanleytown United Methodist

7. Suggest a study on the noisey people in scripture.

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS

6. Stare at her, set your jaw and declare in a really loud voice: "You know, as a trained small group leader, I'm not afraid of a little silence. So I'm prepared to sit here all night, if need be, until you cooperate by answering my simple, straightforward question."

  • Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

5. Have them sit on your knee and attempt a ventriloquist act.

  • Allen White, New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA

4. Change every the name in passage you are studying to the quiet person's name.

  • Glenn Frank, His Place Christian Fellowship

3. Chuckle in a condescending way, point, and say, "I've noticed YOU aren't saying much. Are you a mute? Or, are you just having a hard time keeping up with us intellectually?"

  • Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

2. When the leader asks a question, everyone except the quiet person knows to get up from their chair, leave the room and go refill their coffee cup.

  • Glenn Frank, His Place Christian Fellowship

1. Announce abruptly, "We need to pray RIGHT NOW for the divisive, selfish hearts of those who are not participating in this discussion. Let's ask God to convict them of their stubborn sinfulness."

  • Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

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