New Year, New Goals

The new year is the perfect time for small group goal setting.

The new year is the perfect time for small group goal setting. Discuss the upcoming year together. Brainstorm about what you'd like to accomplish together. Identify four to five goals your group can adopt. Make sure each is ownable, measurable, and achievable. Then, write them down so each member has a copy.

Here are some possible small group objectives to stimulate your brainstorming:

Scripture Memory: Would your group like to memorize portions of the Bible? Set up a system to hold one another accountable. Some groups have learned large chunks together, such as the Sermon on the Mount or Philippians.

Prayer: Are there people your group would like to pray for but haven't? For example, you might want to pray for an unreached people group, your neighborhood, or your pastor. Perhaps you can pray about group members' personal concerns on a deeper level.

Vulnerability: How might you be more open and honest with each other in the year ahead? Do you need to adopt new practices to increase transparency, such as stricter confidentiality or more sharing time?

Service: How many service projects do you want to do as a group this year? Set a goal, brainstorm possibilities, then get cracking!

Bible: Does you group desire greater clarity about doctrinal issues or certain portions of Scripture? If so, identify possible resources and start studying.

Worship: Are there ways your group can grow in your ability to worship God? How might you introduce new worship dynamics into regular meetings? Perhaps you could attend another denomination's worship service to observe a different worship style.

Fun: Identify two or three fun activities to enjoy this year. Meet at a restaurant for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Go river rafting. How about a group ...

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