Intergenerational Teamwork

A father-daughter team worked together to reach the local youth, with lasting results.

It's been just about a year now since my daughter asked me if we could start a youth cell in our home. Since I was presently serving in the position of a Zone Pastor, initially I was a bit hesitant. But after praying about it, our family decided that we would take a shot at it. My 11-year-old daughter would be responsible for cleaning the house, making the refreshments, coming up with the weekly ice breaker, and inviting and following up on anyone that would attend. With those guidelines in place and no real vision for where this might all end up, we began one of the most rewarding journey's I have ever taken.

The first evening my daughter had six friends come to the group. To my knowledge, none of them knew Christ. Over the next couple months the group continued to grow until we had a weekly attendance well over 25 (not a very good cell size).

A most interesting thing began to happen in my life. I actually began to fall in love with these teenagers who were coming to our house each and every week. Prior to that I didn't have any great love for the teenage culture. In fact, I was scared to death thinking that my own daughter was going to become one.

I saw a honesty and openness in these unchurched teens that was surprisingly refreshing. They would tell it exactly as they saw it. I might not agree with their interpretation of what was happening around them, but I appreciated their honesty. Slowly, as they began to examine the claims of Christ, they began to turn in repentance not only for forgiveness but also to follow Him. I began to see in front of my own eyes transformations taking place. This was so rewarding. But I could never have prepared myself for what was about to happen next.

It was to be a normal cell meeting. A time ...

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