Accountability Time

Since we're on the topic of accountability, let me be honest with what's happening at

I need to be honest with you.

The last several months I have been late in getting this newsletter out. My goal is to have it on the Web by the first of each month. But, for numerous reasons, most of which deal with switching to a new server and trying to improve our services, I've missed that goal.

For the last two years, The Small Group Network has been pretty much a one-person endeavor. I have had help as far as writing of articles and sharing of ideas, but the development and implementation of the network, as well as the writing and editing of all the pages and setting up the site, has been done by one person—me.

Until December of last year, I ran The Small Group Network out of my home as a full-time ministry. (I also did some free-lance writing and editing on the side to bring in additional income for my family.) In December 1996 I took a full-time ministry position at Bethany Christian Church, and I have since worked on The Small Group Network in my spare time. This has been difficult for me and my family. As a person who seeks to be a man of integrity as a husband and a father to my three small children and a live-in brother-in-law, things have to change.

So I'm in the midst of trying to make some changes to both free me up and make The Small Group Network a better ministry for you. This is a big transition for us, and I hope to make it smoothly and efficiently. Please be patient with us as we make these changes. Let me know if you have specific ideas for making the site better and more useful for your needs.

There … I was transparent with you. Now you can help by keeping me accountable to doing what God has called me to do. This isn't easy for me—it's hard to hand off responsibility to others and ...

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